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Wide range of investment in assets, currency and geographic markets

Find the most suitable investment fund for you

Check what markets to invest in, currencies, risk levels and investment periods on MoraBanc Asset Management. Our funds have the potential to provide positive returns, since they are invested in companies with good fundamentals as well as attractive valuations. Moreover, you can begin investing with very small contributions, with the ability to purchase and sell your shares quickly and easily through our online banking facilities, and always with access to our professionals’ expert and customised management.

Diversify your investment with MoraBanc

By investing in investment funds you diversify your portfolio while reducing the risk in comparison to investing in only one asset. MoraBanc funds will allow you to access markets and prestigious international private equity managers that you could only otherwise access directly with large capital. Moreover, thanks to MoraBanc funds you will have great liquidity, since you can sell your holdings at any time.

With MoraBanc Asset Management experts

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are in good hands – MoraBanc Asset Management actively and professionally designs, analyses and modifies the portfolios based on the behaviour of the markets.

We help you find your fund

We offer a wide range of investment funds so you can find the one that best adapts to your investment profile. In order for you to easily find out which investment fund suits you best, we ask you to consider three simple questions.

Or if you prefer

Learn about some of our feature funds:

For the cautious

Mora Multi-Asset Tristaina

For money savers with a low risk profile. With an average annual volatility target ranging from 0.5 to 2% and a 12-month Euribor return target (net return).

For the moderate

Mora Multi-Asset Casamanya

For investors with a moderate profile. With an average annual volatility target ranging from 2 to 5% and a 12-month Euribor return target + 100 bp (net return).

For the adventurous

Mora Multi-Asset Comapedrosa

For investors with an aggressive profile. With an average annual volatility target ranging from 5 to 10% and a 12-month Euribor return target + 200 bp (net return).

Your securities account gives you more

Wide range of investment products

Through your personal account manager, you will be able to trade in:

  • Debentures and bonds.
  • Investment funds from other leading asset management companies.
  • Structured products.
  • Futures and options on currency and structured indexes.
  • Currency.

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