Sick Leave

By your side when you need it most

You can rest with the peace of mind of knowing that your income is guaranteed.

  • Full cover

    It includes daily compensation in case of sick leave and a one-off compensation payment of 6,000 euros in case of death.

  • Designed for all types of workers and situations

    Whether you are employed or self-employed, you will be covered in all cases, whether the leave is due to an accident or illness.

  • Flexible and adjustable

    Choose the number of deductible days, the insured sum and the beneficiaries, and change them when needed.

  • Online procedure's management with the chatbot

    You have a chatbot to submit all your documents relating to medical procedures.



  • It includes compensation of 6,000 euros in the event of death from any cause. You can assign and change the beneficiaries whenever you need to.
  • In case of sick leave, you can report it through our chatbot.
  • Manage your medical history, easily and from anywhere, with the BeHealthy service. You can also get tips on how to follow a healthy lifestyle. Find out all the details about the service on this video.
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  • Choose the deductible that best suits your needs.
    • 3-day deductible for short-term sick leaves.
    • 7-day deductible to be covered from the seventh day of sick leave.
    • 15-day deductible for sick leaves that can potentially last longer.
    • 30-day deductible offers extensive coverage for expected long-term sick leaves.
  • The maximum coverage is 12 months of continuous leave.
  • The amount of daily compensation is calculated on the basis of the monthly salary reported.
  • The Sick Leave insurance (Baja Laboral) is renewable annually with a maximum age limit to take out cover of 70 years.


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