Sick leave guarantee

Get better and don’t worry about anything else

Taking a sick leave shouldn’t cost you money – health comes first and you should be able to recover peacefully. That is why we ensure your income when you take sick leave.

  • Wide coverage

    We offer 7 days and 30 days coverage, both in case of sickness and accident.

  • For all kinds of workers

    In order to cover every employment situation: employees, non-employees and self-employed professionals.



  • Coverage:
    • Employees.Supplementary compensation of up to 95% of the CASS base salary.
    • Non-employees. Supplementary compensation of up to 95% of the contracted salary base.
    • Freelancers. Up to 95% of the salary base you contracted in your insurance policy.
  • You can choose from 2 types:
    • Coverage of 7 - 30 days. For sick leave periods between 7 and 30 days, offering coverage for short duration absences that may be prolonged.
    • Coverage of 30 days. For sick leave periods that last over 30 days, offering coverage for absences which are likely to be of long duration.
    • The maximum coverage is 12 months of absence.
  • It is a supplementary coverage to the AndorVida contract (with a minimum insured capital of 10,000€ in case of death by any cause).
  • Annual premium is based on age, profession and insured salary.


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