MoraSalut guarantee

Health in every stage of life

Change your health guarantee plan whenever you want without changing your insurance policy.

  • Choose from two plans

    So that you can always count on the health insurance that best adapts to your needs.

  • Coverage of up to 100% of the medical expenditure

    Avoid unpleasant surprises! Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your health insurance covers 100% of the real costs.

  • You choose your doctors

    Choose the doctors, specialists and hospital centres that you want.



  • Choose from the modalities MoraSalut and MoraSalut Premium plans:
    • MoraSalut offers 100% coverage of the Andorran social security liability fees for all conventional treatments and a great coverage for non-conventional treatments.
    • MoraSalut Premium offers an additional and fully enhanced coverage (both for conventional and non-conventional treatments) that reaches 100% of the real cost.
  • This guarantee is subject to contracting AndorVida insurance in advance.
  • Option to change type of plan available and free at all times.


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