Health Premium

The most comprehensive and advanced health insurance

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If your health and that of your loved ones is the most important thing for you, this is the insurance you need.

  • Covers 100% of all medical expenses

    Whether the visit takes place in a contracted or non-contracted medical centre.

  • A wide choice of doctors

    Choose the centre and the specialist you want, both in Andorra and abroad. It includes all Quirón Group centres.

  • Online procedure's management with the chatbot

    You have a chatbot to submit all your documents relating to medical procedures.

  • Second international medical opinion

    In the event of serious illness, you can request a second opinion from an international leading specialist.



  • Covers 100% of health expenses incurred both in CASS-contracted medical centres and in non-contracted medical centre within the policy limits.
  • Home medical care at no additional cost, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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  • Thanks to the International Second Medical Opinion service, we will forward your file to an internationally renowned specialist who will recommend a diagnosis and a treatment. Find out all the details about the service on this video.
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  • Whenever you wish, you can visit the Quirón Group’s medical centres, which include leading institutions such as Centro Médico Teknon or Hospital Quirón Salud Dexeus. It includes medical visits, diagnostic tests and interventions.
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  • Manage your medical history, easily and from anywhere, with the BeHealthy service. You can also get tips on how to follow a healthy lifestyle. Find out all the details about the service on this video.
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  • You can manage your procedures online through our chatbot.
  • It includes compensation of 6,000 euros in the event of death from any cause. You can assign and change the beneficiaries whenever you need to.
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  • The insurance is renewable annually with a maximum age limit to take out cover of 70 years.


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