Funeral guarantee

Your family don’t need to worry

Take care of everything now so your family doesn’t have to in the future.

  • No age limit

    Funeral guarantee has life tenure.

  • It covers the transport and funeral services

    Includes payments related to repatriation to other country, burial costs and other costs associated with funerals.

  • Adaptability and flexibility

    Choose from three guaranteed sums of: 3.000 €, 6.000 € or 12.000 €.



  • In case of the insured person’s death, the guaranteed capital is assured to cover payment of the associated funeral costs.
  • It can be applied for until 65 years of age and has life tenure.
  • This guarantee’s beneficiaries are, in priority order, the mortuary services providers and after that, the beneficiaries that the insured person has appointed should, after paying the aforementioned services, there be any capital remaining.
  • It is a supplementary coverage to the AndorVida contract (with a minimum insured capital of 10,000€ in case of death by any cause).
  • Annual premium is based on age, sex and insured capital.


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