Critical illness guarantee

Protect yourself against the risk of suffering from a high-cost serious illness

Should you suffer from a serious illness, you will be able to face it more calmly and you will have a better quality of life with cover from MoraBanc’s Critical illness guarantee.

  • Serious illnesses coverage

    Includes coverage of the most frequent serious illnesses, such as a heart attack and cancer.

  • Insured capital

    Which you will be able to receive should one of the serious illnesses covered be diagnosed.

  • Insurance for unforeseen and unfortunate events

    In order to cover the relevant costs that a serious illness usually entails.



  • In case a serious illness is diagnosed, the insured person will receive the contracted capital after 30 days of survival from the diagnosis date, and be able to use it as they believe appropriate.
  • The following serious illnesses are covered within the insurance policy: heart attack, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, coronary artery disease, vital organ transplant or paralysis.
  • It is a supplementary coverage to AndorVida’s contract (with a minimum insured capital of 10,000€ in case of death by any cause).
  • Annual premium based on age, sex and insured capital.


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