The top life and health insurance

If you don’t want to leave your and your family's future to chance, AndorVida insures you in the case of any unforeseen events.

  • Wide coverage

    Included in case of death and disability and supplementary coverage in case of health, serious illnesses, death…

  • Flexibility and adaptability

    So you can customise your AndorVida insurance with the guarantees that suit you best and modify them whenever you want.

  • MoraSalut complementary guarantee

    With a coverage of up to 100% of the medical expenditure.

  • Medical advice

    A trusted family doctor will give you sound, reliable answers to your questions within 72 hours.



  • Your AndorVida insurance includes the following life guarantees:
    • Death by any cause, even if the death has been caused by an accident for which compensation may be due.
    • Any kind of permanent and total disability, be it caused by sickness or accident.
    • Accidental death.
  • Your AndorVida insurance can be customised with the following supplementary guarantees:
    • Critical illness guarantee – covering illnesses such as heart attack or cancer.
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    • AndorVida Woman guarantee that covers the most common types of cancer among women.
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    • Funeral guarantee that covers the burial costs payment.
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    • MoraSalut guarantee, which ensures a supplementary compensation to that of the CASS.
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    • Sick leave guarantee for salaried employees, freelancers and independent professionals.
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  • Modify your guarantees whenever you want, in addition to their insured capital and the frequency of your payments.
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  • A service that offers medical advice and a second opinion from international experts.
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