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We want you to feel secure that you are working with a bank with a breadth and depth of expertise in foreign trade, which is backed up by our management capacity and specialised services for international business.

Personal account manager

Your business, establishment or professional activity deserves detailed and constant attention. To achieve this, you will have an expert account manager by your side who is trained and has experience in international business expansion. He or she will work with you to solve all your questions and will provide you with information about the products and services that fit best your situation and needs.

Exchange risk coverage

Hedging is essential when faced with the uncertainty of currency markets. MoraBanc therefore offers currency hedging, to fix a currency’s purchase or sale price, regardless of exchange rate fluctuations for the contracted currency.

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Guarantees and Standby letters of credit

The guarantee entails a bank commitment towards a third party, on behalf of the client, which ensures the fulfilment of a contractual obligation on first demand.

At MoraBanc, we can guarantee the payment obligation, goods delivery and services or any other obligation derived from a contract.

Depending on their purpose, they can be issued for the buyer’s benefit (i.e. to guarantee the payment) or for the seller’s benefit (i.e. to guarantee the product’s delivery).

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