Visa Go+

And conquer the world!

Are you between 26 and 35 years old? This is the most practical card for your purchases: both from physical and online shops, in Andorra or abroad.

Visa Go+
  • First year free of card charges

    After which the relevant fee for debit and credit cards will be charged.

  • Withdraw cash with no commissions

    Free cash withdrawals at any ATM in the world so you can get your cash without paying any commission.

  • Discounts in affiliated businesses

    When you purchase with your Visa Go+.


Discounts in affiliated businesses

  • 1 %
  • 3 %
  • 5 %
    Anyós Park
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Safety in your purchases

  • Request your security code if you don’t have it yet in order to buy online safely.
  • Optional anti-fraud insurance in case your card gets lost or stolen, or to protect against fraudulent card use.
  • To keep your card transactions always under your control, we will send you an SMS every time your card registers a purchase superior to a limit set by you.
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Ecological and digital banking

We adapt to your everyday life by offering you a 100% digital banking. You will be able to manage your correspondence with no paper waste, 24 hours a day and also from your mobile phone.

Solidarity cards

You can give a heart to your MoraBanc cards: make them supportive of charities of your choice! You will make small donations to charity projects in Andorra with each purchase, and MoraBanc will match your donation.

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Visa Go+ is exclusive for customers between 26 and 35 years of age. You can choose between debit and credit:

  • With the debit card you pay directly for all your purchases and your ATM cash withdrawals are deducted immediately from your account.
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  • With the credit card you can purchase and withdraw cash from ATMs on credit or debit. Every end of the month the card statement will be closed and you will be able to pay it off at that point or defer payment.
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With to your credit Visa Classic Go+ you will be able to:

  • Pay for your purchases at the end of the month or defer your payments. You can choose the method in which your interest is charged when you defer payment deferral: either by a fixed amount or a percentage of the invoice.
  • Perform credit withdrawals from an ATM.

In addition, thanks to your credit Visa Go+ you will enjoy:

  • Discounts in affiliated businesses to be credited every month into the account you linked to your card.
  • Free of charge debit cash withdrawals from any ATM inside Andorra.
  • Free travel assistance insurance for people and luggage with ARAG.
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  • Accidents insurance, from as little as 5€ a year, with life and disability coverage up to 150,300€ in trips that have been paid with the card.
  • Optional accident insurance, from as little as 5€ a year, with life and disability coverage up to 150,300€ on journeys that have been paid for with the card.
    • In case your card gets lost or stolen.
    • In ATM cash withdrawal.
    • In case your card is used for phone operations or online purchases.
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