VIA-T and LIBER-T cards

Travel without boundaries

The easiest and most practical method to keep moving without stopping at tolls.

VIA-T and LIBER-T cards
  • Maximum simplicity and speed

    No queues, no cash, no cards, no windows, no stopping.

  • Spanish and French motorways

    VIA-T card for Spanish motorways and LIBER-T card for French motorways.

  • More ecological

    Since you reduce polluting gas emissions by not stopping your vehicle.



  • Toll payment cards in Spanish and French motorways available for all MoraBanc customers.
  • Two different monthly credit devices available that settle payment on the first week of every month.
  • It is an electronic device (OBE) that you place on the vehicle’s windscreen and allows to pay the toll with no need to stop.
  • VIA-T card also works in participating car parks. Check the full list with the service provider.
  • Monthly settlement dispatch, including details of all the card's payments.
  • VIA-T and LIBER-T information and their transactions cannot be checked through online banking.


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