The smart deposit

The security of a card designed for depositing your company’s daily revenues– as simple as that.

  • Always free

    Without any issuance or maintenance costs.

  • Request as many as you need

    For you or for the employees who are responsible for depositing your company's daily revenues.

  • Only for deposits

    Other kinds of transactions, queries or purchases are not permitted.



  • You can request as many cards as you require: a single card for every person that is authorized to make deposits.
  • You will enjoy the convenience of being able to make deposits 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Currently you have the following MoraBanc ATMs where you can make deposits with your INCARD card.
    See locations.
  • Safe card: you can only make deposits. Withdrawals, other transactions or queries are not allowed.
  • Immediate payment into the account.


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